How the 2 Blokes came to be chatting

The 2 Blokes first met in 2018 while Rob was presenting the Sportsfix program on 94.7 The Pulse in Geelong and Neil was part of the VFL Commentary Team on 94.1FM 3WBC in metropolitan Melbourne. Rob invited Neil to provide a regular VFL report on Sportsfix and the partnership was sparked.

At the conclusion of the 2018 VFL season, Neil took an opportunity to relocate his radio activities to Geelong, joining the presenters' roster on The Pulse with a music program - Turn Up Your Radio - and contributing to Rob's Sportsfix program.

During the off-season, Neil and Rob assembled the goFooty.Live team with the intention of calling all Geelong VFL and VFLW games throughout season 2019 via an online radio station and through the VFL app. During the 2019 season, goFooty.Live was able to broadcast 29 games before COVID-19 and subsequent changes to the VFL & VFLW fixtures made it impossible for the coverage to continue.

The initial podcast

At the start of the 2019 season, Rob and Neil decided that it might be fun to create a podcast to support the goFooty.Live VFL & VFLW broadcasts. Created and distributed every Thursday night during the season, the 2 Blokes Chatting podcast covered local football in and around Geelong (GFL, BFL and GDFL) as well as the VFL, VFLW, AFL and AFLW. The podcast was very much the recording of a normal conversation between the 2 Blokes - nothing scripted or structured, beyond a consistent format for each episode.

The podcast was a critical step towards our radio program in two ways.

Firstly, it established our brand - 2 Blokes Chatting. We had discussed a number of other options for the podcast title but felt that 2 Blokes Chatting captured what we were aiming for - a level of informality and spontaneity that has become the hallmark of the podcast and, subsequently, the radio program. The deliberate choice to use the word "chatting" to indicate the style of our conversations has also contributed to our brand. 

During 2019, 31 episodes of the podcast were created and, in early March 2020, we recorded one more episode before a twist of fate in the form of a global pandemic led the 2 Blokes to the radio studio.

The conversion to radio

In March 2020, Rob continued to present Sportsfix and Neil had just completed a six-month series of his music program, Turn Up Your Radio. With the advent of COVID-19 and the requirement to move into lockdown, 94.7 The Pulse decided that they would continue to present live broadcasting only between 9:00am and 11:00am every day, with the other 22 hours being pre-recorded content from other presenters.

It was reasonably obvious which live programs would be presented on six days of the week but with both Sportsfix and Turn Up Your Radio being well-received by Pulse listeners on Saturdays, a decision needed to be made on which of these would continue.

Some creative thinking by station management saw Rob and Neil asked to present a program together - just for "the three or four weeks it would take to get past COVID". Given the title of our podcast and the fact that the radio program was only going to be a temporary arrangement, the name The 2 Blokes Chatting Radio Show was adopted. 

Over 170 programs later, The 2 Blokes Chatting Radio Show has become a well-established part of the permanent program schedule on The Pulse, broadcasting for two hours every Saturday morning since March 2020.

And as for the podcast - every week, we extract our two or three guest chats and upload them onto the 2 Blokes Chatting Podcast, available through all mainstream podcast stores. There are now over 200 podcast episodes available for download. As well, more than 380 guest chats are available via our YouTube channel.