Our Special Guests

Since we kicked off The 2 Blokes Chatting Radio Show in March 2020, we have had the opportunity to speak to some amazing special guests. In some instances, our guests have been people we have grown up idolising. Others have been less well-known but nonetheless, incredibly successful in their chosen field.

In the grid below, we have a number of our favourite conversations available for you to listen to - all you need to do is hover over one of the tiles and then click on the link icon. 

But this is just a subset of the conversations we have had over the journey. We have established a 2 Blokes Chatting YouTube channel which provides a veritable smorgasbord of interviews and conversations recorded on The 2 Blokes Chatting Radio Show since March 2020. We would encourage you to visit the channel and Subscribe - it doesn't cost anything but it does let you know when we upload new interviews.