Contact The 2 Blokes

One of the things about presenting any podcast or radio program is that, while the 2 Blokes have a great opportunity to communicate with their audience, they find that it is a bit too "one way" for their liking.

So, we have set up a number of ways for you to engage with the 2 Blokes during the broadcast and during the week. Please choose the option that suits you best. If it is during a live broadcast, you are most likely to catch their attention via SMS.


The 2 Blokes have a dedicated SMS line that you can use to contact them during the program or during the week.

Please understand that sometimes they will take a while to get back to you - life in a radio studio can sometimes get a bit hectic.

SMS Number:   0499 9 RADIO (0499 972 346)

Social Media

The 2 Blokes are active on Facebook and less so on LinkedIn and Twitter. Our interviews are also available via our YouTube channel. Please Follow / Like / Subscribe / Connect  so that you can keep up with what they are doing.

Postal Address

If you feel inclined to send the 2 Blokes something through the mail, please send it via our friends at Untypical Media:

2 Blokes Chatting
C/o Untypical Media
PO Box 7040
Geelong West 3218

Send us an email

While you are welcome to send the 2 Blokes an email via their email address - - they'd prefer it if you would send your message via the following form.