What people are saying ...

We are pretty proud of what we produce each week but when we get this sort of feedback from our guests, it seems that we aren't the only ones who enjoy our program:

  • "Always good fun to chat with The 2 Blokes. Great listening, too!" - Ross Stevenson (3AW Breakfast)

  • "As a regular listener - and occasional guest - The 2 Blokes Chatting Radio Show embodies the essential elements of enjoyable radio: energy, engagement and entertainment. That’s a lot of E words but they rate an A from me." - Ian Cover OAM (Coodabeen Champions - formerly ABC and now Ace Radio)

  • "Totally understand your desire to expand your radio broadcasting. You are a natural for radio." - Brian Nankervis (ABC)

  • "As a regular guest, I am constantly impressed by the quality of production and the consistently high standard of interview and engagement. It is always a ‘yes’ if I’m asked to be a guest on the show, because you get that rare experience of interviewers who are interested and engaged in your content and in broader ideas of the world. Big endorsement x"Jacinta Parsons (ABC presenter)

  • "You blokes really need to be on commercial radio!" - Greg Evans (legendary Australian radio presenter)

  • "Excellent work!" - Ross Wilson (Australian music legend)

  • "It was great talking to you both" - Russell Morris (Australian music legend)

  • "You guys sound like you have fun. Talk again soon. Lisa x" - Lisa Edwards (Australian music legend)

  • "Lucky (Starr) told me he had a lovely time with you" - Little Pattie (Australian music legend)

  • "Absolutely love chatting to these Blokes! They are extremely supportive of Australian music and have been invaluable to us as a new duo trying to break through" - No Promises (Independent musical duo from regional Victoria)

  • "Was great ... you two are very good! Hope your listeners enjoyed it. I did!"Marianne Van Dorsler (Australian Media Legend)
  • "One of the best media interviews/chats I have ever had. Hats off to Rob and Neil for their very relaxed and comfortable interview style which resulted in this great radio chat" - Michael Gallus (AFL Pakistan Head Coach and remote teacher in Outback WA).

  • "Already, Rob and Neil’s progression from podcast to community radio with 2 Blokes Chatting, already endorses that there’s a highly engaged audience and a niche that they have managed to creatively serve, and furthermore proves that there is potential for further growth moving in to the future. From a talent point of view, having booked my talent previously, they have proven to be resourceful, enthusiastic and continue to put together interview packages that are informative, entertaining and engaging." - Marc Mancini (Promoter - AAA Entertainment)