Presenters Page

Since we have a few newbies and a slightly more complex schedule, we thought it would be good to have a presenters page / FAQs for everyone to refer to, if and when needed. If you answer can't be found on this page, then please feel free to reach out to Neil (0404 817 222 / / Rob (0435 528 850 / We also have a program email address that is mainly monitored by Neil -

Program Structure

The program started in March 2020 and as of the end of 2023, we had presented 176 programs. For most of those programs we have run with a consistent format as per the following:

  • 9:00 - Weather
  • 9:05 - Birthday artist (we chat about famous people having a birthday and play a song by one of them)
  • 9:15 - Regular contributors (until now Fishing and Women's Sport on alternate weeks)
  • 9:30 - The Long Run (a segment where Rob & Neil have a light-hearted whinge about something)
  • 9:45 - Sport (until now presented by Josh Barnes from the Herald Sun)
  • 10:00 - Weather
  • 10:05 - Special guest (check out for examples)
  • 10:30 - Whaddya Reckon (a segment where Neil or Rob present a discussion topic and have a brief chat about it)
  • 10:45 - Regional Roundup (a conversation with someone from somewhere in Regional Australia - see for examples)
  • 11:00 - End of Program

Because the program is presented live, the segment start times vary a little (plus or minus a few minutes) but generally run close to those times. Each segment is separated by a song and sometimes by sponsorship announcements.

Regular Contributors segment

As mentioned above, this segment has alternated between fishing and women's sport each week. We have decided to expand to a four-week rotation in 2024 as per the following:

  • Week 1 - Fishing with John Didge
  • Week 2 - Health & Well-Being with Rebecca Bradshaw
  • Week 3 - All Creatures Great & Small with Dione Howard
  • Week 4 - Small Business & Marketing with Jenn Donovan

Each of our presenters are recognised experts in their field and we are delighted to have each of them continuing (John) or joining us for the first time (Dione, Rebecca and Jenn). There is a mini bio for each below.

Sport segment

This has been presented by Josh since we started but he has other opportunities open up to him, making it difficult for him to continue. We are delighted that Alison Paterson has agreed to take over this segment for 2024. Alison was previously presenting the fortnightly women's sport report but given her broader expertise and knowledge of both men and women's sport, we have decided to drop the women's sport segment and present a more balanced and diverse sport report in 2024.

Current schedule

There a few moving parts involved in the program including special events where our program is impacted. The one that we know about already is 24 February when the annual Pako Festa (local festival) takes over the station and our program is not heard that week. The first program for the year is 13 January and the final program for 2024 is due to be presented on 14 December. Given that we are working on a four weekly cycle that means that our proposed schedule looks like this:

  • John - 13 January / 10 February / 16 March / 13 April / 11 May / 8 June / 6 July / 3 August / 31 August / 28 September / 26 October / 23 November
  • Rebecca - 20 January / 17 February / 23 March / 20 April / 18 May / 15 June / 13 July / 10 August / 7 September / 5 October / 2 November / 30 November
  • Dione - 27 January / 2 March / 30 March / 27 April / 25 May / 22 June / 20 July / 17 August / 14 September / 12 October / 9 November / 7 December
  • Jenn - 3 February / 9 March / 6 April / 4 May / 1 June / 29 June / 27 July / 24 August / 21 September / 19 October / 16 November / 14 December

These dates may change as we go forward - if so, we'll let know as soon as we know. If any of these dates create a clash for you, please let us know as soon as you know.

Also, please note, even though some of these dates fall on public holidays and the Saturday of a long weekend, the show will still be presented.


John Didge - Fishing

John is Geelong's (Australia's?) leading expert in all things fishing, developing a range of fishing equipment and hosting the On The Deck Podcast. He has been doing radio for decades and has been part of The 2 Blokes Chatting Radio Show since the start in 2020.

John will be providing us with an update on local and regional fishing conditions and commentary on issues related to the sport of fishing.

Check out The Jig Man to learn about John's business.

Click here to listen to one of our chats with John.

Rebecca Bradshaw - Health

Rebecca is a nurse and the founder of Rural Child Health, supporting rural and isolated mothers in their parenthood journeys. Being based in Jackson in regional Queensland, Rebecca understands the challenges of maintaining good health in regional and remote Australia.

Rebecca will be providing us with a health segment every four weeks, touching on a different area of interest each time.

Click here to listen to our chat with Rebecca.

Dione Howard - Animal Care

Dione is a district veterinarian, based in southern New South Wales, not far from Wagga Wagga. She currently works for the NSW government and also works on her family farm. She has also been an Agricultural Shows Australia National Rural Ambassador and so has spent a lot of time visiting all parts of Australia, working with local shows and the people that run them.

Dione will be providing us with an update on animal care, from domestic animals through to veterinary care for animals in the agriculture sector.

Click here to listen to our chat with Dione.

Jenn Donovan - Small Business and Marketing

Jenn is an expert in marketing, especially in the small business world. She is also the host of a popular podcast (Small Business Made Simple) and has recently released her first book - Small Town Big Impact. Jenn is also well-known for her Facebook group - Buy From A Bush Business - which she grew from 0 to 365,000 members!

Jenn is based near Mulwala in southern New South Wales and will be providing us with a marketing / small business report every four weeks. 

Click here to listen to one of our chats with Jenn.

Alison Paterson - Sports Journalist

Alison is a journalist with a special interest in women's sport. She has previously been a presenter on 94.7 The Pulse but now lives on the Gold Coast (via Lismore and Cairns) making the commute to Geelong, to present, a challenge 🙂

She has been part of The 2 Blokes Chatting Show team since mid-2023, providing us with a fortnightly women's sport report. We have incorporated the women's sport focus into our weekly sport report which Alison will present each week during 2024.

Click here to listen to one of Alison's recent sports reports.

Grant Baensch - The Third Bloke

Grant has been a part of 94.7 The Pulse for as long as anyone can remember. He is best known for his long-running program For The Love Of Elvis although he does also provide additional entertainment on his Messin' About program as well.

Because Rob and Neil are occasionally unavailable to do a program - even more occasionally, unexpectedly - it is great to have Grant available, often at short notice, to come and be another bloke. 

Click here to listen to one of Grant's appearances as the Third Bloke.