Ha ha! Gotcha.

You've come to this page to find out all about the Blended Names legislation, haven't you?

Well, given that the announcement was made on 1 April, you have been the victim of an April Fools prank. Sorry about that.

Click here to read the "official media release".

A few things to note within the media release that might have given you a bit of a clue:

  • The spokesperson for the department was Dr Robert Dickson-Whitehead who we reduced to Dr Robert Whiteson, rather than the other option we could have created!
  • The spokesperson for the Australian Personal Referencing Institute of Learning (APRIL) was April Nichols and her betrothed's surname is Ford. Rather than becoming April Ford-Nichols, under this proposal, she would have her surname reduced to April Fools.
  • The original surnames of the couple who were proposing a four-barrelled name were McCartney-Richards and Harrison-Watts. Those surnames are quite familiar if you are a fan of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.
  • The new department will be called the Department of Mirth (a reduction of the two words Marriages and Births).

And in case you missed our chat, please click here to listen back to our prank.